Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to let you know about the Surgery that I had. The surgery that I had was the duodenal switch.
These are the reasons that I chose the Duodenal switch. With the DS I could keep a functioning stomach with the pyloric valve. I could also have the Digestion begin where it is supposed to start, in the stomach. With this alone I could enjoy normal foods and eat anything I want. I just couldn't live without sweets. I enjoy sweets but not very often, but enough that it would drive me crazy to not be able to have them. With just this information I could not have if I had chosen the RNY. Also with the RNY I could gain all my weight back in 5 years and I would have to really change my eating habits.. I agree that this gives you a chance to change your eating habits. I just have a very hard time changing my eating habits, before I couldn't and who would think I could now. Besides I don't believe my weight depended on my changing my weight when I do believe that it was a psychological problem stemming from my child hood. I do also think that it could depend on the metabolism that some people have an active on or and inactive. Therefore having the RNY will not do any thing but give you a small body for a short time and the emotional turmoil of being small just to regain it all again. I've been there and done that. That isn't what I wanted to do. With the DS I am able to loose the weight and it isn't possible to gain more that 15% of the weight back. I feel like I could live with gaining 15% back. This is what I chose to do was to research what I could live with and what I couldn't live with. They both had loss of hair and they both left you with flabby skin. I could go on but I wont, I will let you read it straight from

I hope you use this to make your best decission for your life.


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