Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I really believe that once the decision was made on the type of surgery I was to have. The hardest decision had been made. The next decision was, to find which was the right doctor for this surgery and the distance from me. I needed to know if the Dr. Excepted my type of insurance. I Choose Dr. Keith Kim. He was a wonderful Dr. I started going to his office and the office staff was wonderful. They helped with every question, I felt really comfortable. The next obstacle was to get the The insurance to pay for the surgery. The information had to be presented to the insurance and the dr's. office handled all that for me as well. That was a tremendous load off me. They Sent me to different dr. To get the testing to see if I could be a candidate. I had to go to my primary care physician to get a clearance. Then I was sent to a cardiologist to get a clearance. This entailed several test. I needed To have a Test on the Treadmill and an echo cardiagram. I passed and was cleared by him. Then I had to go to a physiologist to get physiological test to see if I were Sane. I passed that too. Now at last I had done all that I could do to precede. I had been cleared on everything and I was now ready to send the information to the Insurance and wait on an approval. January 1st 2002 all my info was faxed over to the insurance and January 6th the approval came in and I was on the other side of the hump. The surgery date was set up for Febuary 26th 2002 and I was one excited lady. I was scared and excited at the same time.


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