Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hello; I told you that I would tell you of my choice. After a lot of prayer I decided to have the surgery. The really lack of information that I had there wasn't a really hard choice in finding a Dr. (I Thought) I looked in the phone book, just like a lot of people do and was ready to just put myself out there to have done what ever the Dr. wanted to do. I learned, not so quickly, that I was making a mistake. I wasn't making a mistake on the point of having the surgery but the point of what kind of surgery and the Dr. that I was using. I tried hard giving all the information that they needed to submit to the insurance for approval. The first try was denied. We re-grouped and submitted the information for the second time and for the second time I was denied. I knew that I had prayed and the LORD had given me a peace about having the surgery. I prayed and I do realize that GOD gives us three answers to our prayers. No, Yes and wait. When I first prayed HE said yes and I went for it. Now things weren't working in that direction at all. When I prayed again about it, I got no response, You Got It!! WAIT. I really didn't understand it at that time. I went into a Christian book store in our area. The lady that owned the store had a weight problem and I had heard that she was looking into having a weight loss surgery. I opened the conversation with weight loss surgery as the topic. She was telling me about a surgery that isn't done in our state. She told me that she wouldn't have this surgery the Dr's. here do. At that point I was really curious. I had to know all about that surgery. She explained the differences and the pros and cons of both surgeries. She gave me the web site and told me not to take her word for it, Research and make my decision based on what I could live with after the surgery. I was very curious about all the things that she was telling me. I realized that I wasn't limited to the RNY - This is the one that Carnie Phillips had. As I researched I had a world of information open up to me. I learned that there were various types of surgeries and multitudes Dr's that did weight loss surgery, but in all areas. There were Dr's in Spain, Brazil and in Mexico. The United States wasn't the only one's to do this type of surgery.
After careful consideration I started praying on the surgery, DS. This is called Duo Denal Switch There Link is placed on the link section on the right. For lack of time I will tell you tomorrow why I chose this surgery.


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