Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The closer it came I really thinking about my family and how they would get along without me. I really didn't think I would die. I just felt that there were things in my life that needed to be tied up. I knew that my family would be lost with them and would not know where to get the proper information. I begin to write down things that I had knowledge and not intentionally keeping from my husband, but things that he really never dealt with. I wrote the Insurance and amounts, account #'s, phone numbers, address and pertinent information that would need at a glance. I listed the information to the court house to get a death certificate and listed 10 copies while he was there. I knew that each Insurance and any mortgage and bank account would need a official copy of the death certificate. That would save My husband time and trouble. I have a wonderful husband but any extra effort would not be in his realm of thinking without having knowledge to bring to mind. I also know that in the state of Louisiana that in the event of death that the assets are frozen and can take 8 to 12 weeks to get the assets together. I another bank account in my husband's name only and Transferred all funds into that account. That way he could live financially and not wait for the freeze to be lifted. I listed all items that could be and needed to be found and where to find them. That included my husband's personal belongings. My belongings that I wanted to be left to which children and what needed to be done on a daily basis. Bills when they were due addresses and wrote it all out so my husband could pick up after I was gone. I also had my son's schedule written down and where to find things that pertained to him. We went to have a family portrait taken and a few of me alone for my children to have a recent picture. I also wrote a letter to each child and it was personal to them of the love that I have for them and that I was proud of each one. The dreams and my plans that I had for them. If at any point that their Dad wanted to remarry do not stand in his way and let him know that they trusted his judgment and realize that I don't want him to live the rest of his life alone. They still needed a family and a woman in his life would give them the strengths that only a woman can provide. I felt that I had everything in order. The hard thing was that I had to translate all this to my family members. We the day came and It was time and I took my son (we adopted him) at that time age 7 years old and I explained what was about to happened and read him the letter. That after noon I talked to my husband and he flipped out. He begin to tell me that I wasn't going to have the surgery and how could I put my family on the line, how selfish I was. After he had calmed down I explained to him about the prior conversation that we had and how miserable I was having all this weight on me. How embarrassing it is to go to the bath room and not have help to wipe. When you get really big the arms won't reach to do any general hygiene. I cannot get into the bath tub and sit down, I cannot get up. I cant go to many places to eat there isn't a booth big enough to get into. They aren't made for big people. I cannot go to McDonald's for my grandchildren's birthday. I can't go on family vacations I have to sit in the car while the family gets out to hike or site-see. I was looking at a wheel chair and my life has no meaning now and would get less and less. I was ready for my last chance. And besides I was in a win, win situation. I know the Lord and if by some chance I didn't make it I would go to heaven and I will have a new body and not suffer any more and if God saw fit for me to live I will have a new body and be able to enjoy life with my family. For you to forbid me to not have the surgery is you being selfish, your trying to hold on to me even though I'm not happy in this life. If I can have a better life, I believe I would have to give you that chance if it were you. Besides I really didn't really believe that I would die. I was just concerned with taking care of things In case I didn't. I did not want to Die and leave you all in a turmoil. My Older children had the same reaction. Well, that was finally over. I can get back to being excited.
The Surgery date is February 26th 2002. Whooo hooo.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I really believe that once the decision was made on the type of surgery I was to have. The hardest decision had been made. The next decision was, to find which was the right doctor for this surgery and the distance from me. I needed to know if the Dr. Excepted my type of insurance. I Choose Dr. Keith Kim. He was a wonderful Dr. I started going to his office and the office staff was wonderful. They helped with every question, I felt really comfortable. The next obstacle was to get the The insurance to pay for the surgery. The information had to be presented to the insurance and the dr's. office handled all that for me as well. That was a tremendous load off me. They Sent me to different dr. To get the testing to see if I could be a candidate. I had to go to my primary care physician to get a clearance. Then I was sent to a cardiologist to get a clearance. This entailed several test. I needed To have a Test on the Treadmill and an echo cardiagram. I passed and was cleared by him. Then I had to go to a physiologist to get physiological test to see if I were Sane. I passed that too. Now at last I had done all that I could do to precede. I had been cleared on everything and I was now ready to send the information to the Insurance and wait on an approval. January 1st 2002 all my info was faxed over to the insurance and January 6th the approval came in and I was on the other side of the hump. The surgery date was set up for Febuary 26th 2002 and I was one excited lady. I was scared and excited at the same time.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to let you know about the Surgery that I had. The surgery that I had was the duodenal switch.
These are the reasons that I chose the Duodenal switch. With the DS I could keep a functioning stomach with the pyloric valve. I could also have the Digestion begin where it is supposed to start, in the stomach. With this alone I could enjoy normal foods and eat anything I want. I just couldn't live without sweets. I enjoy sweets but not very often, but enough that it would drive me crazy to not be able to have them. With just this information I could not have if I had chosen the RNY. Also with the RNY I could gain all my weight back in 5 years and I would have to really change my eating habits.. I agree that this gives you a chance to change your eating habits. I just have a very hard time changing my eating habits, before I couldn't and who would think I could now. Besides I don't believe my weight depended on my changing my weight when I do believe that it was a psychological problem stemming from my child hood. I do also think that it could depend on the metabolism that some people have an active on or and inactive. Therefore having the RNY will not do any thing but give you a small body for a short time and the emotional turmoil of being small just to regain it all again. I've been there and done that. That isn't what I wanted to do. With the DS I am able to loose the weight and it isn't possible to gain more that 15% of the weight back. I feel like I could live with gaining 15% back. This is what I chose to do was to research what I could live with and what I couldn't live with. They both had loss of hair and they both left you with flabby skin. I could go on but I wont, I will let you read it straight from

I hope you use this to make your best decission for your life.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hello; I told you that I would tell you of my choice. After a lot of prayer I decided to have the surgery. The really lack of information that I had there wasn't a really hard choice in finding a Dr. (I Thought) I looked in the phone book, just like a lot of people do and was ready to just put myself out there to have done what ever the Dr. wanted to do. I learned, not so quickly, that I was making a mistake. I wasn't making a mistake on the point of having the surgery but the point of what kind of surgery and the Dr. that I was using. I tried hard giving all the information that they needed to submit to the insurance for approval. The first try was denied. We re-grouped and submitted the information for the second time and for the second time I was denied. I knew that I had prayed and the LORD had given me a peace about having the surgery. I prayed and I do realize that GOD gives us three answers to our prayers. No, Yes and wait. When I first prayed HE said yes and I went for it. Now things weren't working in that direction at all. When I prayed again about it, I got no response, You Got It!! WAIT. I really didn't understand it at that time. I went into a Christian book store in our area. The lady that owned the store had a weight problem and I had heard that she was looking into having a weight loss surgery. I opened the conversation with weight loss surgery as the topic. She was telling me about a surgery that isn't done in our state. She told me that she wouldn't have this surgery the Dr's. here do. At that point I was really curious. I had to know all about that surgery. She explained the differences and the pros and cons of both surgeries. She gave me the web site and told me not to take her word for it, Research and make my decision based on what I could live with after the surgery. I was very curious about all the things that she was telling me. I realized that I wasn't limited to the RNY - This is the one that Carnie Phillips had. As I researched I had a world of information open up to me. I learned that there were various types of surgeries and multitudes Dr's that did weight loss surgery, but in all areas. There were Dr's in Spain, Brazil and in Mexico. The United States wasn't the only one's to do this type of surgery.
After careful consideration I started praying on the surgery, DS. This is called Duo Denal Switch There Link is placed on the link section on the right. For lack of time I will tell you tomorrow why I chose this surgery.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Hello; I want to add the options that I had faced at that time. 1st option was dieting - not a very good option because I had done that and I really did loose the weight about 60 lbs. was the most at one time but being deprived of the foods that I liked worked for a while. Just like it was as my mother deprived me I had an even stronger desire to eat. The battle was lost again and the weight came back and more. The went on and on. I realized that the day I started the diet that I was strong and as the days went on I may not have a strong day and with the drive to eat because of the depriving I was doomed, another disaster. 2nd option, I went to the Dr.'s office and got some diet pills. I started taking them. They seemed to make me nervous and queezy. I realized that the pills were not for me. Including the side affects that I was jumping out of the fire into the fire. The 3RD Option I went to a clinic that gave you a diet plan that was a structured environment and gave medication to help loose weight. I choose this route without the medication. I lost weight without the meds. This was workings for me and I lost another 60 lbs. But we moved and I got tired of the foods that was deprived. The 4th option, I then started to check into the surgery. I realized that there were several options in this realm as well.

Vertical silastic Ring Gastroplasty (VSRG):
The VSRG is a much simpler operation that just makes a small pouch out of the upper stomach. The pouch is stapled off from the rest of the stomach except for a small opening, which is then reinforced with a ring made of silastic, a soft and rubbery but strong material. This operation achieves its weight loss solely through restricting intake, and its results are correspondingly less impressive than with the other two operations. A patient with a VSRG can expect an average of 60-65% of the excess body weight lost with this operation. Since the pouch can and does stretch somewhat over time, there is a mild weight regain aver the long term with this operation, but it still achieves greater than 50% excess body weight loss over the long term, on average.
This operation is good for people who are in the lower BMI ranges of 35-45. These patients can lose 60-65% of their excess body weight and still significantly reduce their co-morbidities. Many patients seek out this operation because they donÂ’t want the added risks that go along with the anastomoses required for the BPD/DS and RNYGB.
Side effects of this operation are mainly vomiting, which is usually once or twice a month early on, but can be more frequent. Leakage or staple line breakdown are unusual problems.

Gastric Restrictive Procedure – Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (VBG)
Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (VBG) is a purely restrictive procedure. In this procedure the upper stomach near the esophagus is stapled vertically for about 2-1/2 inches (6 cm) to create a smaller stomach pouch. The outlet from the pouch is restricted by a band or ring that slows the emptying of the food and thus creates the feeling of fullness.

Biliopancreatic Diversion (BPD )
BPD removes approximately 3/4 of the stomach to produce both restriction of food intake and reduction of acid output. Leaving enough upper stomach is important to maintain proper nutrition. The small intestine is then divided with one end attached to the stomach pouch to create what is called an "alimentary limb." All the food moves through this segment; however, not much is absorbed. The bile and pancreatic juices move through the "biliopancreatic limb," which is connected to the side of the intestine close to the end. This supplies digestive juices in the section of the intestine now called the "common limb." The surgeon is able to vary the length of the common limb to regulate the amount of absorption of protein, fat and fat-soluble vitamins.

Extended (Distal) Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGBP-E )
RYGBP-E is an alternative means of achieving malabsorption by creating a stapled or divided small gastric pouch, leaving the remainder of stomach in place. A long limb of the small intestine is attached to the stomach to divert the bile and pancreatic juices. This procedure carries with it fewer operative risks by avoiding removal of the lower 3/4 of the stomach. Gastric pouch size and the length of the bypassed intestine determine the risks for ulcers, malnutrition and other effects.

Biliopancreatic Diversion with "Duodenal Switch "
This procedure is a variation of BPD in which stomach removal is restricted to the outer margin, leaving a sleeve of stomach with the pylorus and the beginning of the duodenum at its end. The duodenum, the first portion of the small intestine, is divided so that pancreatic and bile drainage is bypassed. The near end of the "alimentary limb" is then attached to the beginning of the duodenum, while the "common limb" is created in the same way as described above.

Combined Restrictive & Malabsorptive Procedure – Gastric Bypass Roux-en-Y
In recent years, better clinical understanding of procedures combining restrictive and malabsorptive approaches has increased the choices of effective weight loss surgery for thousands of patients. By adding malabsorption, food is delayed in mixing with bile and pancreatic juices that aid in the absorption of nutrients. The result is an early sense of fullness, combined with a sense of satisfaction that reduces the desire to eat.
According to the American Society for Bariatric Surgery and the National Institutes of Health, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is the most frequently performed weight loss surgery in the United States. In this procedure, stapling creates a small (15 to 20cc) stomach pouch. The remainder of the stomach is not removed, but is completely stapled shut and divided from the stomach pouch. The outlet from this newly formed pouch empties directly into the lower portion of the jejunum, thus bypassing calorie absorption. This is done by dividing the small intestine just beyond the duodenum for the purpose of bringing it up and constructing a connection with the newly formed stomach pouch. The other end is connected into the side of the Roux limb of the intestine creating the "Y" shape that gives the technique its name. The length of either segment of the intestine can be increased to produce lower or higher levels of malabsorption.

If you have had or you are going to have a Weight loss surgery know which Kind you are having. There are so many people out there that really didn't know there were several surgeries. When you ask them which surgery did you have , they say gastric by-pass. But they don't know which type they had. The average person dosen't even know there are several types. You Have A Choice!!! Ask the Dr. until your satisfied with the answers that you get. Remember it is your body, You have a right to know as well as a choice, you will live with the decission afterward not the Dr.

Tomorrow I will tell you my choice and Why?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Journey!
Hello, My name is Karen am 50 years old and I live in Louisiana. I had a weight loss surgery on March 5th 2002. It was and still is the best decision I had ever made concerning my weight. I had lived the biggest portion of my life over weight. I guess at age 8 I was really beginning to show a problem was under way. My mother was dragging me around to different stores trying to fine clothes to fit me. At that time chubby clothes were not very plentiful. I was extremely embarrassed over the conversations that my mother would have with every sales lady in every store. I could have easily given up and went to the house, But not my mom. She was definitely on a mission. She was very determined to not go home empty handed. I was hounded at school everyday from other kids that didn't like chubby girls. Many days I could have just melted in my desk from feeling like I didn't belong. I was beginning to feel that I didn't belong at home either. It seems that the harder people would make fun of me the more I would eat, (For comfort). My mother would try to watch what I was eating and it really didn't seem to help. My metabolism wouldn't burn off the calories. It was starting to turn into a drive to eat everything, The more my mother would keep it from me the more I wanted it. It was to a point that I begin to sneak it and wake up in the middle of the night to eat. I could eat in the middle of the night and no one would say hurtful things to me about eating. Pretty soon I decided to eat very little in the daytime and do my serious eating in the night time. I seemed that the eating was what I could control in my life. I was always above average in height and I could carry my weight well and when it showed I was extremely over weight. With the depriving me when I was young started more sever problems with me, I then begin to binge eat and eat everything at one time. I was always bigger than my piers and choosing teams I was always the left over one that no one wanted. I believe that the eating is the result of sexual abuse that I tried to cover up through my childhood. My father had started abusing me when I was 2 years old and it ended when I was 10 years resulting in the divorce of my parents. My world was turned upside down. I had to leave the home that I loved to move into a 2 bedroom duplex with no air conditoning, I believe it was the hottest summer I had ever had. My mother was now working two jobs to support us and my sister blamed me for her world's disaster. I begin blaming myself. I was so alone (me and food). My mother remarried when I was almost 12, to a drunk that was always blaming others for his down falls. He begin to beat my mother and threaten her with knives and guns. I could remember things flying around and breaking. For him this was normal with anger out of control. By the time I was 14 my mother divorced him and I was fatter. Stress - food was comfort, The feeling of no love - food was comfort, being ridiculed by your piers-food was comfort. My sister would look at me as if she hated me. I was the 1 and only reason that her world was not working for her. The worse thing about it Is I'm not 14 anymore and she still lookes at me the same way. Needless to say nothing I do is exceptable to her at all. I lived through a few divorces that showed I followed my mother's footsteps and made wrong choices. I think I was just trying to hard to make it right and continued to make it wrong. When I was 38 I found the love of my life, Thanks to God!! I finally gave it to him and he chose my husband. We have a very good marriage. The only thing was I was way over weight. I had surgeries on both knees and both ankles and both feet, due to my weight. My Dr. said that the weight was messing up the surgeries and there would be nothing else that he could do. He sat me down and told me the truth about my life and here is what he said. Within 5 years I would be in a wheel chair and in a wheel chair I would continue to get bigger because of the lack of exercise, bottom line he gave me possibly An additional 5 to 7 years. There would be no quality of life. He's suggestion was to do something about my weight now, while I still have a opportunity to do something. I begin to research the internet for my options. I will be back tomorrow to discuss my options.